Picture Books for Fall

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I really love the Kindle for adult reads like romance, biographies, and all the other wonderful genres out there. For reading to children nothing beats a picture book.  The vivid colors and the big pictures convey something on paper special and unique that electronics can’t out do.  I have played with the Ipad and Nook.  The interaction with the apps are cool, but pictures books are so much better to share one on one or in a large group.  Fall Storytime is around the corner.  Here are some new favorites I’d like to share.

Pig Pig Returns by David McPhail
Recommended for Ages 2-7

Pig Pig’s aunt and uncle want to take him on vacation with them.  Pig Pig does not want to go.  He does not want to leave his mother or his cat Fluffy. They would miss him too much.  The adults tell him this is an “opportunity of a lifetime” so he goes.  They have a few false starts, though things start to get better as they visit many interesting places like a three-legged chicken and the biggest ball of yarn.  On the way home, he worries that his mother and Fluffy have forgotten about him.  When he arrives, his mother and Fluffy welcome him home with open arms and a little celebration.

I think this is a great book to share feelings about summer vacations with returning kids.  They will love all of the vivid colors of each page.  Pig Pig’s house is decorated is with pinks, purples and greens while each stop on the trip exhibits the hues of yellows, blues and greens associated with the great outdoors.  The pigs are all adorable with their own unique look from Pig Pig’s bright orange overalls to Mom’s puffy bouffant hair and leaf printed clothes.  McPhail shows he understands children’s concerns about leaving home for the first time by showing it is okay to try something new because what you love will still be there when you return.

Gracie the Lighthouse Cat  by Ruth Brown
Recommended Ages 3-7

This lovely book is a feast for the eyes done in browns, grays, blacks and blues that jump off the page making you feel you are there. Children love stories about animals. They will not be disappointed. They will be glued to their seats hearing this story about a lighthouse cat and her kitten. Each page will engage the reader on an unexpected adventure of love and fortitude.

Though the people in the story are being saved from a storm, it is Gracie and her kitten that commands the readers full attention.  The kitten is curious to see the commotion happening below during a treacherous storm.  She follows the woman who lives at the lighthouse as her mother Gracie naps.  When Gracie realizes her kitten is gone the reader wonders what will happen to the poor kitten.



Cars Galore by Peter Stein and Illustrated by Bob Staake
Recommended for Ages 6 months to 5 years

This book full of rhyming fun is perfect for the preschool crowd. Each page shows cars of all shapes and sizes real and imagined traveling down twisty turny roads. You can share this again and again, but not be surprised if they want to read it once more please!  The details on each page are simple and compelling to car fans young and old.


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