Picture Books to Share

Children’s Review
Ages 1 to 6

Because — Written and Illustrated by Richard Torrey

If you have ever had a child ask you over and over again “Why?” Because by Richard Torrey will make you smile with understanding and delight. Because is a picture book that tells the story of why a little boy and his dog do the things they do. They make messes; they annoy their older brother, and sometimes leave their best buddy the dog to play with other kids.

It is the adult’s turn to ask why and the boy gives his answers honestly with no regrets. He is living that simple life of youth where you just do it and worry later. Luckily, his acts of impulse are not harmful, but a boy exploring his world with mixed and often silly results. The boy has a big smiling face in most pictures and shows no matter what he does, how can the adult in his life resist his charm? He is often outside and Torrey illustrates each scene with bright happy colors.
Children will get a chuckle out of his antics and adults will laugh right along.


Under the Bed — Written by David Wood  and Illustrated by Richard Fowler

Ages 3 to 7

It is late at night and little bear is still awake. It is dark and he goes to his parent’s bedroom to tell them about a monster. The little bear is very descriptive and with each detail his father gets more annoyed. Children will immediately engage in this tale and want to know what happens next. They will relate to the late night meeting with a caregiver when they just can’t get to sleep. Little bear will not be deterred as he tries to convince his father of the monster. The book ends with a fun surprise. The boy finally is vindicated. The monster pops out and shows himself, because he was there all along in the parent’s room!


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