Adult Review

Merciless by Diana Palmer

Years ago I read my first Diana Palmer book and really loved it. It was everything I loved about romance, strong hero and feisty leading lady. Recently, I found her books a bit predictable and even outdated. I could not resist seeing what was in her latest book  Merciless, hoping to see if some of the old magic was still there.

It is the story of Jon Blackhawk FBI agent and his assistant Joceline Perry.  Joceline is efficient, trustworthy, and helps Jon with the endless women his match-making mother sends to his office.  Jon and Joceline have a simmering attraction and even went on a date years ago. She has a secret that everyone is learning except Jon.  Things start to get complicated and dangerous when Jon gets shot.  Joceline is forced to live with him for her own protection since she has also been threatened.

It was a quick enjoyable read, but still a bit predictable.  The characters were likable and their interactions made me want to find out how Joceline finally reveals her secret.


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