Ah Romance

I love to read romances and a free one for my Kindle is irresistible.  If you don’t have Kindle you can download the application to your desktop and read books there.  In general what gets me interested in a romance is a strong woman who is living her life to the fullest and a handsome hot man who is strong honorable and able to jump in for all the wrong or right reasons. It has to have a happy ending too!

The Proper Companion by Candice Hern is novel set in England during the regency period.  Emily Townsend the companion for Lady Bradleigh is residing in Bath. Lady Bradleigh is reading the paper one day and finds out that Lord Robert the Earl of Bradleigh her grandson is getting married.  Lady Bradleigh is extremely surprised and quite unhappy to find Augusta Windhurst the young lady in question is from a family that she abhors. As they are preparing to go to London to find out the details, Robert shows up to explain and in the process meets Emily.

He and Emily get to know each other and form an immediate bond of friendship and attraction.  Robert doubts his decision to marry Augusta, but will not change his plans because it would be dishonorable.  Lady Bradleigh decides that she will show Robert her support by planning an engagement party.  At the same time she will help Emily find a husband while they are all in London for the season.  At first Emily is reluctant, she has feelings for Robert, but knows he can never be hers.  Lady Bradleigh works her magic and things are revealed in a delicious fun way. The ending was a bit flat, but a lovely story none the less as a whole.


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