I am Back — Great Summer Reads

I was lucky enough to read this book before it had tons of holds at my library. If you need a quick funny read, this is the book. Tina Fey is a witty sarcastic writer who gained fame from Saturday Night Live. She is much more than that in her current book. She is a successful woman comedian who loves her daughter and husband and can’t believe her luck. This is not a tell-all about the jerks she has met or the things she has suffered. Though she did get stabbed with a knife as a child. Fey admits she came from a loving family and worked her way to the top without stepping on others to get there. She is a woman just like you or me, but richer who had the same disappointments with boyfriends and stupid bosses to rise above it all with humor and hard work.  She tells hilarious stories about her life; family and friends that happen to be famous like Amy Poehler and Alec Baldwin.  Each story is filled with laugh out loud moments that make this book too short but worth the fun.


Storytime is here again for the summer and I had to share this book.  This book by Jonathan Allen was a huge hit with the four, five and six years last Friday.  The Little Rabbit meets a bunch of farm animals by speaking in their language.  Each animal is curious and wonders why the Little Rabbit is talking the way they do.  The kids had a ball with this story because as each animal made their noises the kids joined in too as loud as they wanted!    The surprise ending had the whole room laughing.  The illustrations are adorable and are a perfect match for the story.


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