What I am Reading : Christian Fiction

I love romance and Christian Fiction has some great authors filled with romance and wonderful messages about trusting God. I recently read two books by authors I like. One book was wonderful the other was disappointing.

Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer is the story of young teacher who becomes the governess for a child who is mute due to being exposed to tragic events that happened to her parents. Her new father Gideon hires Adelaide and falls in love with her almost immediately. Adelaide is feisty, smart and is so good to his daughter Isabelle.

I tried to like this story, but the characters did stupid things to make the story progress. Adelaide leaves her teaching job to follow a man she barely knows to marry him, but finds out he is already married. She finds an ad in the paper and gets the job as the governess on a ranch for proper British Gideon’s daughter. Gideon is a hard worker and is trying to make a home for Isabelle against the wishes of her evil uncle who feels he has a stronger claim to the girl. Gideon does various stupid things, but getting shot by Reginald the uncle is the worst. He falls into a situation that is clearly a trap and almost dies from his injuries. Then when he is barely healed he confronts the man again which puts the whole family in danger. Gideon and Adelaide believe in God, but rarely use the good sense they were given by him. It has a predictable happy ending. I suggest you skip this book and read Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot instead.

Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot a romantic mystery. Sarah is a mail order bride who leaves Philadelphia with her two-year-old sister Thea to meet her fiancée Austin in Texas. When she arrives she meets his brother Clay who tells her that Austin has been murdered. Sarah is devastated because she and Austin seemed to be meant to be with his lovely letters that she calls “paper roses”. Clay allows Sarah and Thea to stay with him and his father and will give her money to return to Philadelphia when she is ready. Sarah shocks Clay by telling him that she plans to stay in Texas and find a job to support Thea and herself.

Both Sarah and Clay are angry with God for separate reasons. Clay resents having to work on the family ranch instead of being a doctor. He cannot heal his injured father and the town’s people will not help him find his brother’s killer. Sarah has lost both of her parents to tragedy and has a lame leg from an accident. She must make a new life for her sister instead of marrying the man of her dreams.

As time goes on their relationship grows into a friendship and then a romance when they bring God back into their hearts. They both try to find out how Austin was killed which was an excellent mystery. Clay is strong, hardworking, honest and honorable. Sarah is smart, beautiful and brings the town together as the new teacher. It is a richly developed story with wonderful supporting characters and full of faith in God’s grace.


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