Why I Love my Kindle

As a mom and a librarian I am always looking for a good bargain.  I did research at different sites and stores and ended up with the Kindle.  There are many different E-Readers out there, but I love my Kindle.  The Kindle is only $139.oo and so simple to use. It comes with a book on how to use it right on the Kindle which was easy to understand and helpful.  I found that just using it was a great way to find out how it works.

There are new free books listed every day at http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-eBooks/b/ref=sa_menu_kbo3?ie=UTF8&node=1286228011.  I look at the site often. I really enjoy romance books.  I have found some great new authors such as: Sandra D. Bricker, Cara Lynn James, and classic authors like Susan Wiggs and Susan Elizabeth Philips who give discounts or freebies on their books.

I received the Kindle for Christmas in December 2010.  Right now I have about 50 books on my Kindle that I have gotten free which include classic and contemporary authors.  It is light weight and I can make the font as big or small as I want.  I must say that I have bought about five books and a few from the authors that have offered free books. I have of course bought a few of my favorites authors and it so nice that I can keep them forever. I don’t have to worry about them gathering dust or feel guilty because my books all over the house!

In addtion,  you can read the book on a computer or on a I-phone with the downloadable application that Amazon offers if you don’t want to purchase the Kindle. The Kindle  has  free games that I play when waiting for appointments or before bed when I want a little change of pace.  They vary from card to word games and most of them are free. I know there are color readers, but I have no interest in them. If I want to read a picture book, I will read a regular book because I feel those are to share and use for story times.

If you are an avid reader the Kindle is a great way to have as many books as you want at low prices and in many cases free. Another great thing about books on the  Kindle is that  many books on the best seller list are usually cheaper than paper books. I still read paper books, but if I can get it on my Kindle  free I will.  I don’t get anything from Amazon for writing about the Kindle, just a fan. Maybe, you will be one too!


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